Sunday, 15 July 2018


(My Weekly WalkaboutsVerse, E.G. is, with well-dressing on there last week, my poem "The Many Elements of Buxton" - link above-right.)


As well as the Page Links above-right, plus the Gig List below, I've created several alternative sites for accessing my work (plus I'm on Yahoo! Messenger & Skype as david1franks, and email -

All my verses and tunes (plus some pics) are at;

The title and a link, along with others, to my WeeklyWAV  are on and; plus I'm, rarely, at -

You may hear and see a selection of my repertoire at &;
plus all my "Chants From Walkabouts" are at;

My photo Sets are here -;

Furthermore, I've self-published an A4 paperback "Walkabouts:  travels and conclusions in verse" and the, related, C.D. "Chants From Walkabouts" (see "Gigs/Purchases Info.", above right);

Finally, any Gigs will be posted as Twitter tweets (links above), and as blogs, with some postscript information plus pics (click on once to enlarge), below (use "Older Posts" or "Blog Archive" links for the rest)...