A Selection of My Photos

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Above characters in Barcelona! 26/5/18

Mallards in Fog Lane Park,  Manchester; 20/4/18

Sunrise south of Manchester; 16/12/2017

Seagulls at Cronulla Beach, Sydney; 28/11/17

Snake-Necked Turtle, N.S.W. Australia; 23/11/17

Doha, Q/Catar! 12.11.2017

Trinity Leeds; 18/10/2017

Reminding me of Prokofiev's
Peter and the Wolf; 25/8/2017

A surreal selfie taken in
Manchester Museum; 29/5/17

River Witham, Lincoln; 16/5/20017

Full moon south of Manchester; 10/5/2017

Blackpool Central Pier; 27/4/2017

Blackpool Pleasure Gardens; 27/4/2017

Anvil cloud, south of Manchester; 25/4/17

The path to Primrose Hill's London view;
May 2016

The crossing to Abbey Road Studios, London;
May 2016

Cow Parsley, Hampstead Heath,
London; May 2016

Highgate Men's Bathing Pond, London;
enjoyed a swim here in May 2016

Goldeneye, Hyde Park, London; April 2016

Diana Memorial, Hyde Park, London;
April 2016

Hyde Park, London; April 2016

A beautiful Hyde Park home, London;
April 2016

3 kinds of tennis in Regent's Park, London;
May 2016

The shadow of the Shard beside Tower Bridge,
London; May 2016

Shard View of Tower Bridge, London;
May 2016

Shard View of Big Ben & the London Eye;
May 2016

Trafalgar Sq. toward Big Ben,
London; May 2016

Within Lincoln Castle;
August 2015

Gargoyle at Gloucester Cathedral;
November 2015

Stephens House & Gardens, Finchley, London;
September 2015

The River Exe in Exeter, Devon;
September 2015

Coventry, England; April 2014

Moth Orchid & Bird's Nest Fern;
Singapore Botanic Gardens; Oct. 2013

Homo rudolfensis - 1.9 million years old;
Nairobi National Museum; February 2014

Tree-lined lake, Bath; April 2016

Bath, England; April 2016

Jumbo Water-Tower, Colchester,
S.E. England; October 2015

Drowsy-Double-Duck-Date, Colchester,
S.E. England; October 2015

Middle Mill Weir, Colchester,
S.E. England; October 2015

The Long Man of Wilmington, on the train
from London to Eastbourne; June 2014

Eastbourne Pier, S.E. England;
June 2014

Snowy Mountains, flying Syd. to Melb.;
October 2013

"The Nuclear Family" - Black Swans,
Botanic Gardens, Melbourne; Oct. 2013