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Selective breeding in farming means cruel castration, often via elastic bands, for all but a minority of males; thus bulls have become so big they are fitted with nose rings to steer them via pain.

Golf takes up a lot of land, so designers should include a lot of native flora in the rough for the benefit of native fauna.


The Beatles, e.g., were very good at aspects of American culture - pop & rock, rather than their own good English culture; and McCartney, e.g., would not deny this - rather, he would just say it's a cool thing to do, man.

Our streets full of foreign restaurants, our teams full of foreign footballers, our airwaves full of foreign music - modern England is a national disgrace.

Just as our past imperialism battered the culture and identity of those we conquered, so mass immigration has been very bad for English culture and identity; and two wrongs...

When #Gandhi repatriated from #Africa to South #Asia, he didn't say English, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Portuguese, and French should stay in the name of #diversity, rather, he used non-violent non-cooperation to get them to repatriate to #Europe.

Africans, South Asians, Fijians and others from close to the equator who have albinism should be helped to England and/or other cool places, as genuine medical immigrants, where they may live a much more comfortable life.


English should be nice when they come across a Canadian, American, Australian, New Zealand or South African accent living in England, because it's great that we have repatriated to where we belong and respected "Land Rights" - poem 76 of 230 from WalkaboutsVerse.


The ideal of meditation and the lotus position is that, with good thoughts, one can stay in an uncomfortable position for ages...but why not get something done, as with the English monk-scribes of old?

Re the Australian points system that Boris Johnson (who is about as statesman-like as Ronald McDonald) keeps lauding, economic/CAPITALIST #immigration there should be zero, out of respect for Aboriginal...Poem 76 of 230: LAND RIGHTS

As a repatriate from Australia, born in #England the day Alf Ramsey's English team won the World Cup, if I do ever manage to become popular with my people, England will be a very different country - it will be a lot more equal, and a lot more English. 

In parts of #Italy, foreign restaurants are banned so, if I'm lucky enough to visit again, I get to experience #Italian cuisine and culture; however, if Italians visit #London, they get almost anything but Englishness. I wish visitors to London, and other "English" cities, would help me by telling modern English how silly they are for neglecting their own good traditions - it's a national disgrace.

The English love of exotic plants continued at last year's beautiful 25th‪ #‎HamptonCourt‬ Flower Show, covered by #GardenersWorld, BUT I maintain the best/greenest way to garden, outdoors, is to plant native flora for the native fauna that evolved with them, plus veggies to cut food miles & for taste.

Imagine if Charles Darwin came home from his travels and new learning on natural selection and filled his garden with exotics, because he hated native English fauna. Wherever you are in the world, plant native flora for native fauna, plus veggies for food miles and taste. More here - to gig).

In their relationship to other cultures over the last 100 years, English have gone from one extreme to the other - lording it over everyone else, to letting everyone else lord it over us (e.g., in "Premier" League football)...two wrongs don't make a right.

Whilst Scotland, with 5 million, and Wales, with 3 million, are correctly populated, 53 million is far too many for the area of land called England, and 7 billion is too many for the area of land called Earth.


Re conservation grazing on #CountryFile, there always seems to be some excuse not to allow forest (birch or oak, e.g.) to take root in #England; but who are we to criticize South Americans for slash and burning the #Amazon when we don't do our bit - less people and more trees, please!

Sadly, modern English only properly question the number of foreign footballers in the "Premier League" when we get knocked out of the European or World Cup; and, even more sadly, modern English only question economic/CAPITALIST #immigration just after an act of #terrorism in #England.


Largely due to mass economic/CAPITALIST #immigration, and despite SLIP, SLOP, SLAP campaigns, #Australia now has the highest level of skin-cancer in the world (before repatriating from Australia to England, I myself had a melanoma removed from too much sun on my English skin); and, also largely due to mass immigration, it would not surprise me if #England now has the highest level of VITAMIN D deficiency.

To the #BBC: please examine who is and isn't getting enough sunlight for enough VITAMIN D this far from the equator, and the symptoms of deficiency, such as rickets. At least the Scottish Government have addressed the issue - highlighting the truth that people with darker skin do need more sunlight to be healthy (

Within the broader music industry, and beyond, what some get for their hour’s work, compared with others, is ridiculous and inhumane; hence, many relatively competent musicians within the folk-scene are really struggling to make ends meet; so, if we like fair competition, we don’t like capitalism. A better way, as I've said in verse, and during a brief, 2010, Sage Gateshead/ B.B.C. talk (see blogs/gigs), is to accept that we humans are competitive, and have strong regulations (partly via nationalisation) to make that competition as fair as possible – whilst also providing “safety-net” support.

Flicking through our channels on New Year’s Eve, I noticed (and enjoyed) plenty of traditional Scottish culture but hardly any such English culture..?


A proper English village (that would have Dickens purring in his grave!), with a proper English pub - overlooking a gently-flowing river, licked by weeping willows, and glided upon by mute swans...a pot of Hedera helix on the windowsill, a glass of cider and a plate of chips on the table, and the homely timbre of an English flute in my ear...

After posting “Audience Lost” (poem 148, WalkaboutsVerse): for centuries, our poetic-forebears said things within the framework of metre &/or rhyme – thereby bringing much joy to their readers; and – although it’s not the only reason – the downfall in poetry’s popularity has coincided with a collapsing of this traditional framework by easily-translated, but relatively-dull, free-verse; also, accordingly and sadly, in contemporary performance-poetry, the amount of metre and rhyme seems to be inversely-proportional to the amount of swear-words and shock-tactics.



Traditions exist due to folks being impressed by how their forebears did things; and, when people lose their own culture (due to globalisation/Americanisation, etc.), society suffers, plus our world becomes less-and-less multicultural:  as I've said in verse, and (see blogs/gigs, via Home page-link) during a brief, 2009, Sage Gateshead/ B.B.C. talk - quickly stressing the difference between being anti-American and anti-Americanisation.

Folk music may usefully be divided into two main categories – Traditional (unknown composer), & Composer (known - either deceased or contemporary, which may appear as self-penned or covers).


Singing a folk-song in a phoney foreign accent, or in classical- or pop-style, is surely “not cricket.” Exceptions, however, are genre-overlapping traditional carols - which may be sung with either an earthy folkie timbre or a classical “Sunday-best” timbre, as in A Christmas Carol, by C. Dickens. And why bother affecting our voice for the genre (as well as, occasionally, for different lyrics within the genre), instead of just putting our natural speaking-timbre into song? In a word - culture.


There are, of course, many ways of accompanying a song but, if we are to accompany traditionally- unaccompanied English, e.g., folk-songs, we should surely keep it light; I, e.g., usually sing such songs U/A but, occasionally, key just the top-line melody of choruses; with the understanding that English folk-music, for centuries, has entertained people via, mostly, the repetition of tunes, in both song (occasionally with slight variation in rhythm to fit the words) and dance: more-sophisticated polyphony and chords being found, rather, in church and court - eventually, i.e.

I’ve been well into English folk-music since 2004 and, although I've enjoyed the guitar being played in an English style, it would be nice to hear more of the English-cittern on our folk-music scene. Accordingly, I like the idea of the lute having evolved into different guitar-like instruments in different lands, e.g: Portuguese guitar, English cittern, Russian balalaika, Italian mandolin, Greek bouzouki, Hawaiian ukulele, American lap-steel, African/American banjo, plus, of course, the Spanish guitar.


There are many different fiddles from many different lands – e.g., the Chinese erhu fiddle, the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle and, the one most used in the West, the Italian fiddle/violin.


Schools in England have recently been gifted (French) piano-accordions and (German) button-accordions/melodeons – but why not English-concertinas, with their beautiful homely timbre?!


English clog-dancing, which a handful of us watch at folk festivals, is just as good, in its own way, as the Irish-dance spectaculars, which thousands of English have paid to see live &/or watched on prime-time television.


World-music stalls and stages should be places where folkies of different nationality present different unfused music to each other.


Eurovision should be a folk (not American pop) song competition.


Apart from some local government, all any citizen of our modern world needs is their own nation and the United Nations.


My, English, late-godmother told me that, at school, whilst one or two Scottish dances were learnt, at least 90% of their dancing was English Country Dance; a "ceilidh" is a Scottish folk-gathering/a "ceili" an Irish one.

If folkies must test their technique by improvising on/“doing something with” a traditional tune, then, in my opinion, they should begin their performance with a run-through of just the top-line melody – otherwise, there would be no oral-tradition of tunes!  Alternatively, they could try adding the early, classical, or sacred music of their nation (in England, e.g., Purcell and R.V.W. were, themselves, influenced by folk).

I think it’s good that students at Newcastle upon Tyne can do a Degree in Folk and Traditional Music, but I wish it was a Degree in English Traditional and Contemporary Folk Music – to match Glasgow’s Degree in Scottish Traditional Music, and Limerick’s Degree in Irish Traditional Music and Dance.


On the B.B.C., I’ve heard, and appreciated, two lots of Scottish but no English or Welsh folk awards..?

SPORTS (see Extras on Football & Tennis page-link)
Re nationality and sport, an English boy, for example, can hope to play (perhaps managed by a citizen of a nation they may compete against) football for England/Great Britain, rugby-league for England/Great Britain, rugby-union for England/British Isles, athletics for England/U.K., golf for England/Europe, cricket for a combined England and Wales, or tennis for Great Britain - but Wimbledon is still The All England Lawn Tennis Championships…Anyone for friendly-rival republics?!


Traditions are handed-down, but they are best cared for by meritocracy – not nepotism.


Whatever the nation, conquest and economic-immigration are both bad for indigenous culture; and, as already suggested, I love our world/our United Nations being multicultural.

Folk music is meant to be local/regional/national. Our forebears were loyal to this when they formed the English Folk Dance and Song Society, as were our earliest folk-clubs in strongly encouraging participants to select from their own culture.

My usual and only complaint with our present English-folk scene is the lack of such loyalty. There are more than enough good English songs, tunes, dances and instruments (see page-link) for anyone’s lifetime – let’s appreciate others but perform our own!

More broadly: nationalism with conquest is bad; but positive-nationalism with respect for indigenous peoples, eco-travel, and fair-trade (via the U.N.) is good for humanity.


Music and Poetry

Happy #Shakespeare Day: born (circa) 23/4/1564; died 23/4/1616

Good that #Countryfile has again given a voice to traditional unaccompanied English folk singing

For Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night in England, my recording of the traditional English song "Cob-a-Coaling"

To too many in #England now, English culture is dipping a #pizza in a #curry after a night of American #pop or #rock

#WorldOn3: world-music stalls & stages should be places where folkies of different nationality present different UNFUSED music to each other.

Re Sam Lee #WorldOn3, timbre is ok but that's not how English folk songs should be sung - get on with the next line!

#WorldOn3, why do tradies allow Sam Lee to butcher, with affectation & foreign instruments, the songs he collects?

#FolkAwards/#FolkShow: don't like all the Americanisation among many young English "folkies".

With the #R2FolkAwards just on, a reminder that "folk music IS meant to be local/regional/national."

#bbcdp: on the BBC, I've heard, and appreciated, two lots of Scottish but no English or Welsh folk awards..?

#BBCSML: anyone who thinks American pop and rock are somehow above English folk and classical music is a fruitcake, frankly.

#FolkAwards: some good news - congratulations to "Best Group" the Young Uns; really enjoyed their traditional singing when up north.

#Marr: re Noriko Ogawa, who's performing Japanese culture, & helping keep our world nice & multicultural?

#Marr promoting American (instead of English folk/classical) music, again - some people never learn. 

Why is #BBC #SongsOfPraise increasingly being presented by those from the African-origin minority? Jesus REPATRIATED

#SongsOfPraise, like our Churches, is increasingly filled with Americanised morons, instead of our own good culture

So much Americanisation on #SongsofPraise as OUR OWN traditional hymn singing is heard less and less

Shame on the #BBC for Americanising #SongsOfPraise: swamped by gospel, we are lucky to get 1 trad hymn nowadays

#SongsOfPraise "Let each Christian nation have its own Church - equal, before God, with the others' Search" Poem 219

#BBCMusicAwards: Ed Sheeran adjusts the mic & his guitar keeps strumming - you don't get that at an English folk festival!

If it's the #EUROVisionSongContest2014, why so much AMERICAN pop?!

#Eurovision should be for European #folk songs NOT American #pop & #rock.

#BBCGlasto/#Glastonbury should be full of English (and guest's) folk music - NOT American pop & rock.

The #GlastonburyFestival should ditch American #pop & #rock go back to its English #folk roots

Re #EdSheeran at #Glastonbury2017, is #Glastonbury meant to be for live or prerecorded music?!

#POP: with help from the #BBC, I think #Glastonbury2017 has helped end #Glastonbury for a lot longer than 2 years!

#PromsExtra/#BBCproms: my poem on "The #Proms", just after Diana died in 1997, with Ravel & Mozart -

Re "Rule Britannia" at the #LNOP #BBCProms #Proms, my poem on "Land Rights" -

#PromsExtra/#BBCproms: if the #BBC keeps dumbing down/Americanising the #Proms, it should be taken off them.


To #BBCtennis @ #Wimbledon Right handed Becker lands on his right foot when serving - don't try that at home court!
Serbs fanatically support #Djokovic even though he lives in #Monaco to avoid giving back via #taxation #AusOpen #ATP

#StateOfSport In #tennis now, men are discriminated against to give females = pay - having to play better for longer

#EuroSportTennis: never saw Borg pleading for help from the crowd, Mats - nor yourself in your early successful years.

To #EuroSportTennis @ #FrenchOpen #tennis @ #RolandGarros2015: my "Tennis Tips To Try."

To #EuroSportTennis @ #FrenchOpen #tennis @ #RolandGarros2015: men play tennis/ladies TABLE tennis.

#BBCtennis Re match-fixing for greedy gamblers, I agree with Oliver Cromwell: all gambling should be illegal

Re the #USOpen on #eurosporttennis, when receiving, #Nadal has the slightly-pained look of an old-school flamenco singer.

#EuroSportTennis/#BBCTennis/#WTA: some men may like bulging muscles & veins on a lady's #tennis racquet arm - not I.

#BBCtennis Why bounce the ball at all?! As with darts, better to look longer at target, yes?

#EuroSportTennis @ #AusOpen #tennis, the platform serve, #Dimitrov v the pinpoint serve #Murray?

#BBCTennis: Nishikori may need some Kaizen on his serve, but what an accurate backhand

#EurosportTennis: a lot of what happens on a tennis court comes down to grip-strength; my "#Tennis Tips To Try."

#EuroSportTennis @ #USOpen2015: "No pain -no gain" or "No pain - refrain" & avoid injuries.

#EuroSportTennis: a #tennis oddity - it's easier to hit slice with one hand on the backhand side, but with two hands on the forehand side.

#EuroSportTennis: certainly don't agree with McEnroe/the US on everything but no set should go beyond a tie-breaker.

#Wimbledon2Day on #BBCtennis Does McEnroe regret his tantrums in the presence of ball BOYS and GIRLS?

To #EuroSportTennis: for their knees, please, why not let the ball kids, ON BOTH ENDS OF NET, stand-up? Players could surely get used to it.

#BBCTennis: wish the BBC would stop spending tax-payers' money on possibly the most selfish person who ever lived - McEnroe.

#BBCtennis again allowing self-centred non-native American McEnroe to turn #Wimbledon into his show.

#AskMats: as you went from being "the cool Swede" to Jimmy Connors impersonator, did your tennis and results suffer?

#eurosporttennis #usopen I much prefer the Borg/Federer/Rosewall just-get-ready-for-the-next-point way.

#USOpen2015 on #EuroSportTennis: Williams wins as she's more masculine than other FEmales...not my cup of tea.

#USOpen In #tennis, now, men are discriminated against to give females equal pay - having to play better for longer

#USOpen2015, if Bouchard had taken up TABLE tennis, she would't have those bulging veins spoiling her racket arm

#AusOpen #EuroSportTennis: the bulging veins on Giorgi's racket-arm are a shame; men play #tennis/women TABLE tennis

#eurosporttennis: unlike women's TABLE #tennis, the #WTA is largely about the grinding away of femininity.

To #EuroSportTennis @ the #FrenchOpen #tennis @ #RolandGarros: collar the hot-dog? Is it ever the best shot?

#BBCTennis: do the commentators think Andy Murray will get to represent Scotland in the #DavisCup before he retires?

To #BBCTennis, I hope & pray Andy (the first Scot to win #Wimbledon) is soon playing Davis Cup tennis for Scotland

Winning the All #England twice! #Murray is the best Scottish #tennis player ever! My "Tennis Tips To Try"

#EuroSportTennis: technically, #tennis hasn't peaked: Nadal, eg, should be hitting RH forehands when stretched.

#eurosporttennis: as footballers learn to kick with both feet, tennis players should learn to hit (when stretched) other-hand forehands.

#EuroSportTennis: Nadal's forehand is as unorthodox as his serve is orthodox.

To #EuroSportTennis @ #USOpen, who of the greats has the best "strike-rate" @ majors - perhaps stopping @ their last victory..Laver?..Borg?

#EuroSportTennis: at junior comp in Sydney, late-70s, we'd each have one gut-strung racquet and one synthetic - in case it rained.

#EuroSportTennis @ #AusOpen #tennis: Lefty Laver left Australia for money in America - & had a centre court named after him..?

#EuroSportTennis: recall Federa v. Sampras in that changing-of-the-guard 1/4 final at Wimbledon - both serving & volleying on 2nd serves.

To #BBCTennis @ #Wimbledon, the no. of floating balls left to bounce these days by pro #tennis players is ridiculous:

#BBCtennis: technically, #tennis hasn't peaked; R-handers should be hitting L-handed forehands when stretched.

Re #DavisCup #Tennis on #BBCTennis: Murray the first SCOTSMAN to win #Wimbledon - Perry the last Englishman.

Re #USOpen2015 on #EuroSpotTennis: my #Tennis Tips To Try -

#Wimbledon2015 on #BBCtennis/#Wimbledon2Day: “Thirty-all” is, in effect, “Deuce” (from my poem "Paradigms"):

To #bbctennis , a bit of #tennis fun at #Eastbourne 2014: photos of Yankovic, Karlovic & the Longman of Wilmington -


drawn #rugby tour, what a farce - now they can get back to interNATIONals!!

#BBC6Nations: why on Earth is a Fijian playing for France - farce!#6nations #Rugbyunion on #BBCrugby If managers arn't important to the competition, why foreign managers?!

Re #BBCRL @ #RLWC2017, my poem, from WalkaboutsVerse, "One #Rugby?":

Re #RWC2015/#RWC It's revolting the way England keeps employing Pacific Islanders to compete for them @ #rugby

#BBC6Nations: do you really like the idea of women getting cauliflower ears from playing rugby?!

#bbcrugby: I'm quite happy for the next Archbishop of Canterbury to be a female BUT not for females to get cauliflower ears playing #rugby. 

#BBCTBQ: the appointment of Capello and Erikkson were both a disgrace to two nations, who should have known better.

Re #RWC2015/#RWC It's revolting the way England keeps employing Pacific Islanders to compete for them.

#BBCgolf: "If golf taps the world for its players (And few would deny that so), Why, then, are three of its four majors A USA sporting show?"

To #BBCGolf: the #RyderCup2014 is a ridiculous piece of continentism excluding many of the world's top golfers


Club football, in England & beyond, should be REGULATED back to how it was - mostly locals in MEANINGFUL competition.

#FACupFinal Players could just as well have changed shirts BEFORE kick-off; it's a greedy meaningless foreign farce

#MOTD If Alf Ramsey came out of the grave he'd ask why modern English males are so in awe of foreign footballers?!

#MOTD2 #MUFC When #English start calling Jose #Mourinho the #Portuguese One, #England will be a far better nation

In terms of capitalism, the "Premier" League is, globally, a big success; in terms of sporting contest, it's a farce

I was born in Saint Mary's hospital, Manchester, & verily I sayeth unto thee - José Mourinho is the Portuguese One.

#bbcdp: Alex Fergusson should learn from Alex Salmon and repatriate; and Man U should try and win something with a Mancunian manager.

I was born in Saint Mary's hospital, Manchester, & verily I sayeth unto thee - José Mourinho is the Portuguese One.

#MOTD #MOTD2 #MUFC No way, Jose - the only thing "special" about #JoseMourinho is the extent to which he deludes himself

What would happen if an English, rather than foreign, manager declared himself "the Special One"?!

The #PremierLeague is a greedy meaningless free-market foreign-farce: i.e, no locals, no meaning #bbcfootball #MUFC

#MOTD To English football fans: why support a bunch of foreigners who earn 100 times more than you in YOUR country?


Re #Giro on #HomeOfCyling, #GiroExtra, #SBScycling, teams should be by nation NOT business, as in the #UCIDoha2016 Wold Champs.

To #HomeOfCyling at the #Giro: in parts of #Italy, foreign restaurants are banned - keeping #Italy nice & #Italian.

The #Giro, on #HomeOfCycling, should be a tour of #Italy only; my poem "A Beautiful Stage":

#HomeOfCycling @ #Giro Armstrong's punishment - good; so many others getting away with #doping - unfair & dishonest.

Re #LaVuelta commentary on #HomeOfCycling, why is #Contador treated so much better than fellow druggo #Armstrong? 

Re #LaVuelta on #HomeOfCycling & #RunningoftheBulls in #Pamplona, #Spain, my #poem, from WalkaboutsVerse, on "Toreo"

I like the #HomeOfCycling #Cycling coverage of the #TDF, but not as much as the #Giro: "A Beautiful Stage":

The #TourDeFrance, on #ITVtour, #HomeOfCycling & #SBScycling, should be a tour of FRANCE - NOT Holland/England.

#HomeOfcycling: It's still cyclist's choice re helmets in England, and, in this case, I agree.

The #TourDeFrance should have NATIONAL #cycling teams - perhaps sponsored by their nations own tourist board.

#HomeOfCycling/#SBSCycling at the #Giro: don't like team time trials - the best rider could be in a relatively poor team.

Re #Vuelta on #HomeOfCycling, there are just too many cyclists in the peloton

#HomeOfCycling #Giro Surprising? The tallest mountain in #Australia is 2228 metres (my postcode before repatriating)

The #TourDeFrance should NOT have team-time trials as it can disadvantage a good rider in poor team too much.

To #ITVtour #HomeOfCycling #SBScycling my poem on Paris "Underdone":


Re the #Ashes, my argument that test #cricket (unlike limited-over cricket) is 1 of the worst sports in the world:

#BBCcricket: for better OR worse, it's England AND Wales v New Zealand/Aotearoa. 

Olympics & Athletics

#BBCathletics #London2017 In Rio, God knows, #UsainBolt made the same mistake as #MohammadAli: "I am the greatest" -

Re #OlympicGames , the best way to order the #Olympics medal-tally is 3 points for gold, 2 for silver & 1 for bronze.

#Rio2016 #Olympics, #MohamedFarah is a #Somalian who lives in #USA & pulls the wool over #English eyes, for greed -

#Rio2016 #Olympics, If #MohamedFarah had the same attitude as repats #Gandhi & I, #Somolia would have its 1st #gold: 

#GetInspired & #GreatNorthRun In a good nation in a good #UN, there would be no need for competing private charities

Re crowded #GreatNorthRun, it would be easier to #GetInspired if there was a bit more space to run at your own pace

#Rowing The best rowers are in the pairs & the best scullers in the singles, yes?


#GardenersWorld The best way to #garden is to plant native flora for the native fauna they evolved with; more here -

#BBCHampton: the best/greenest way to garden is to plant natives for native fauna & veggies for food miles & taste

Our native #fauna IS suffering loss of habitat & the presenters on #GardenersWorld keep promoting "Exotic Britain"

#GardenersWorld Photos of #Levenshulme #Allotments, with native #gardening advice -

#GardenersWorld My indoor #gardening #poem come #song, from WalkaboutsVerse, with #piano & #recorder "In A Small Pot


#Springwatch What's needed most to conserve native species is human birth & immigration control; or in #verse -

#SpringWatch Do some non-native fauna suffer #rickets, due to lack of sun, in the same way as some immigrants here?

#CountryFile Falconry, illegal in Australia etc., & NOT "wildlife", works via starvation; my #poem "A Good Life":

#Autumnwatch #HisforHawk Cruel #Falconry, illegal in some nations, works via starvation; my #poem "A Good Life"

Food, Farming, Animal Welfare

The lack of English culture &, particularly, cuisine in #London, & #SaturdayKitchen TV, e.g., is a national disgrace

Councils in #Italy made foreign restaurants illegal & there's no #Chinatown - when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

#SaturdayKitchen: in parts of #Italy, the government has made foreign restaurants illegal - keeping Italy Italian

#SaturdayKitchen could save a bit of power/tax payers' money by using lids when, e.g., blanching peas.

To #SaturdayKitchen, my poem "My Diet":

#SaturdayKitchen: my poem "One-Pot Cooking" -

#SaturdayKitchen: wonder what Sth Asian food was like before Portuguese arrived with chillies from the Americas? Tasty?

#Kosher & #Halal have their differences but are similarly cruel in methods of slaughter, which the #UN should ban

#BBCOS: our farmers tie elastic bands over the genitals of non-breeding calves, until they drop off

Re #BonfireNight2017 #BonfireNight Please remember to check your #Bonfire for hedgehogs before setting alight


#BBCSML: at the heart of the Rastafarian belief is a return to Mother Africa NOT economic/capitalist emigration to England

Marcus Garvey & Bob Marley would be saying: "Black lives in #Africa" - heart of #Rasta belief 

Economic #immigration & #imperialism are 2 sides of the same bad penny

Re #BBCSP panel, I admire, rather, the Asian repatriate, Gandhi, who used non-violent non-cooperation to help repatriate Europeans.

#BBCSML: re Sentamu, I prefer the late Archbishop Lewum of Uganda, who bravely stayed with his flock, against Amin.

#BBCsml: Mother #Teresa should have done her bit in her OWN nation; & the only true #saints are in the #Bible.

#bbcDP Gandhi repatriated from Africa to Asia and, using non-violent non-cooperation, asked Europeans to repatriate from Africa and Asia.

#BBCSML: last century, Gandhi & I were right to repatriate & the majority were wrong: it's our world/our UN that should be multicultural

#BBCDP: if Gandhi was English he'd be politely asking Asians, Africans, etc., to repatriate

#Partitionat70 The idea of #partition was good BUT it should have occurred more peacefully, completely AND sensibly

#BBCTBQ: isn't the Black Police Association racist by name?

#BBCTBQ: "If we humans evolved from apes, Why, on Earth, are there living apes?!" (from WalkaboutsVerse).

Apart from some local govt, all any citizen of our world needs is their own nation and the United Nations

#BBCTBQ: we want people who do care about policies & society voting - NOT donkey fine-avoiding voting. 

#BBCQT: fix the deficit & level our revolting inequality by taxing the rich.

#bbctbq: I hate imperialism/support land rights, & believe in the English nation & the United Nations.

#BBCSML: trying to have a multiple number of cultures living under the one state law will always cause conflict.

The main causes of #terrorism are immigration & imperialism, & the main solution is repatriation.

#BBCTBQ: why do so many "socialists" support economic/CAPITALIST immigration?

The Left should question capitalism AND economic/CAPITALIST immigration/emigration.

To #Marr: Boris Johnson is about as statesman-like as Ronald McDonald.

#BBCSP: it's ok for a world leader to show some weakness but Blair's profuse fearful sweating was embarrassing.

"You know what?" Andrew #Marr. "I'm, like, so Americanised I copy everything they do - yee haw!"

#Marr: if you are not American, don't Americanise, for the love of our world being multicultural.

#BBCQT: apart from some local government, all any citizen of our world needs in their own nation & the United Nations - no EU, G8/7/20, etc.

Fair #trade & ecological #travel are good; economic/CAPITALIST #immigration & #imperialism are bad for humanity.

#BBCQT: the UN should finally respect land rights, make all economic immigration illegal, & help asylum seekers to their NEAREST safe nation.

Re #Marr on #ManchesterAttack: promoting multicultural #diversity, WITHIN NATIONS, is a deadly thing to do.

#BBCQT: re same-sex marriage, the key issue is whether or NOT same-sex couples can adopt children, whose rights should come first.

#BBCTBQ: will you ever present the VITAMIN D issue? Who is & isn't getting enough sunlight for enough VITAMIN D this far from the equator?

Lack of housing in #London & lack of Vitamin D/sunlight that many here suffer could both be solved by repatriation.

#BBCSP: no more houses, less people, more trees & bees, please.

#WantedDownUnder - Aboriginal "Land Rights"

#Newsnight: I agree with Oliver: all gambling should be illegal (Cromwell, that is).

7 billion is too many for Earth, and 53 million is too many for England; my poem on "Congestion" -

As an apple-cart, modern #England needs upsetting.

#NewsNight: trying to have a multiple no. of cultures living under the 1 state law was, & always will be, a stupid idea.

#BBCSP Haven't read every work, but the Koran, written at a time of extreme warfare, seems extremely militant.

#BBCSP: "Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them" (Surah IX, The Koran)

#TroopingTheColour: "chomping at the bit" is ridiculous - the horse is trying to get the damned thing out of its mouth!

Re #Ascot/#AscotWeek/#Ascot2015, my poem "Horses for Courses?":

#TroopingTheColour: one minute a drill sergeant talks about "loyalty", the next about emigrating to Amerindian land.

#bbcqt: People of African & South Asian origin DO struggle to get enough sunlight/vitamin D to be healthy in England.

#NewsNight: trying to have a multiple no. of cultures living under the 1 state-law was & always will be a stupid idea.

#BBCDP: litter is so bad in England as so many economic/CAPITALIST immigrants don't see it as their country, anyway.

To #BBCSP: fix the deficit and level our revolting inequality by taxing the rich.

#BBCQT: apart from some local government, all any citizen of our world needs in their own nation and the United Nations - no EU, G8, etc.

#bbcdp: always what Obama & rarely what Moon thinks when (my poem) "There IS a UN" -

#BBCSML: in a good nation within a good United Nations, there would be no need for private charities

#BBCmyChelsea: the best/greenest way to garden is to plant natives for native fauna, & veggies for food miles.

#VEday70: ALL imperialism is evil - Nazi AND British, e.g.

The greatest comeback since #Lazarus was #Jesus then, 2000 years later, repats Mahatma #Gandhi & Yours Truly

#Newsnight: I'm quite happy for our next Archbishop to be a female, but hate the idea of females getting cauliflower ears playing rugby.

Re #tattoos on #newsnight, Jeremy Paxman & guests gave no mention of AIDS & other blood transmitted diseases...

#BBCTBQ: the main cause of terrorism is immigration & the solution is repatriation.

#BBCDP: I agree with Oliver - all gambling should be illegal (Cromwell, that is).

#BBCSP: The multicultural state has failed (UK PM); It's our world/our UN that should be multicultural.

#bbctbq Because of mass #Immigration, #Australia has high rates of skin cancer, & #England high rates of rickets.

#BBCSP: where I repatriated from (Australia), "Liberal" means tending to leave things to the free-market.

#BBCSML Modern English have become stupidly tolerant to the detriment of our culture and society.

#DimblebyLecture: we want the best people getting jobs NOT + discrimination for stats.

#bbctbq: Why do English "anti-fascists" never protest against Islamic fascism in England?

#BBCSML: there should be a few mosques in England for diplomats and VISITORS

#WinterWatch: falconry is cruel and illegal in wiser nations.

#BBCTBQ: we have enough tools/medicines now to limit human suffering, so there should be 0 animal testing/suffering.

#BBCSML: the best way to have diversity & peace is positive nationalism.

To #BBCSML, some on the Left (@OwenJones84) get confused: they criticise capitalism (good), but support economic/CAPITALIST emigration (bad)

#BBCDP If economic immigration is synonymous with capitalist immigration, then questioning it is Left NOT Right Wing

Level revolting inequality & fix deficit via taxing the rich: my "Free Thinking" Sage/BBC R3 talk CUT CAPITALISM:


#Tattoos on females look masculine at best & dirty at worst, & run the risk of AIDS.

#Newsnight: re same-sex marriage, the key issue is whether or NOT they can adopt kids, whose rights should come 1st.

Re the Philippines typhoon, etc., on #BBCSP: aid to nations should be done via the United Nations, with each taxed according to its means.

Being a Christian & a monarchist is hypocritical as the only 1 born to rule is a Prophet of God.

Re the "royal"/#royalbaby, monarchies are blasphemies as the only one born to rule is a prophet of God.

#MarrShow: it's ok for a world leader to show some weakness but Blair's profuse fearful sweating WAS embarrassing.

At #tourist spots in #London, tourists hardly ever meet locals due to a stupid amount of #immigration lately

#BBCSML "Let each Christian nation have its own Church - Equal, before God, with the others' Search" from

#bbctbq: God created evolution, too, in a special way that even David Attenborough struggles to explain, at times.

To #BBCTBQ: "If we humans evolved from apes, Why, on Earth, are there living apes?!" (from WalkaboutsVerse, via

#bbcSML As it happens, Elizabeth Windsor is a good public speaker - BUT, according to monarchism, if useless, she would have the job anyway!

#bbcdp: monarchies are blasphemies - the only one born to rule is a Prophet of God; or in verse -

#BBCSML The main causes of #terrorism are immigration & imperialism, & the main solution is repatriation.

Re #Woolwich & #Newsnight: "Nothing in Islam justifies this dreadful act" (our PM)? "Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them" (The Koran).

#Newsnight Our political stance on most matters boils down to how much inequality we accept in society - I find present levels revolting.

Views in England have, over the last 100 years, gone from 1 extreme to another: lording in over others/letting immigrants lord it over us.

The lack of English culture and, particularly, cuisine in London is a national disgrace.

#Terrorism is the price you pay for accepting #diversity/#multiculturalism within nations, instead of within the #UN

#BBCSML: why don't you look at tattooing & blood transmitted diseases? Why, e.g., the delay on giving blood after getting a tattoo?

#BBCTBQ: Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley decided reparations should involve repatriation.

#bbcdp re Kennedy: we should have a lot more respect for Native Americans, Amerindians, First Nations.

Barack a......very poor.....public.....speaker.

Re Sentamu on the #BBCSML, I have much more respect for the Ugandan Archbishop Luwum, who bravely stayed - against Amin - with his people.

Re the Holy Lands, a THREE state solution (NOT ignoring Christians!): my poem "For Peace" -

If, on #marrshow, Joyce DiDonato is a "Native of Kansas", what are First Nations/Amerindians/Native Americans?

#bbcqt: when Gandhi decided English should repatriate, some were 5th generation - they were still called English & they still repatriated.

t: Gandhi repatriated from African & used non-violent non-cooperation to get Europeans to repatriate from Asia.

#Hitler & #Churchill were nationalists who liked imperialism; like #Gandhi, I'm a nationalist who hates imperialism

Re energy on #BBCSP, what we in over-crowed England need most is birth-control sweet birth-contol, & zero economic/capitalist-immigration.

#BBCSP: negative economic growth is ecologically good - we just need to match it with negative population growth: less folks & more trees.

There's what we want and there's the tactics we are prepared to use: Gandhi used non-violent non-cooperation; Mandela resorted to terrorism

#bbcsml I've respected Aboriginal land rights and repatriated to England - it's our word/our United Nations that should be multicultural

#bbcSML: on his TRAVELS, running legend Haile Gebrselassie encourages expat Ethiopians & others of African origin to REPATRIATE to help out.

Re #BlacklLivesMatter, Marcus Garvey & Bob Marley would be saying: "Black lives in #Africa" - heart of #Rasta belief

English have to learn that our past imperialism WAS wrong AND our present mass-immigration IS wrong; & two wrongs...

#USA should be run by a Council of Native Americans & those who don't like it can repatriate to Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. For more: #WalkaboutsVerse

#bbcsml: if I was a Sikh, I'd be in the Punjab fighting and writing for independence.

#BBCSML What some get for their work compared with others is ridiculous and inhumane - if we like fair competition, we don't like capitalism

#BBCSML: if questioning capitalism is Left-Wing, then so is questioning economic/CAPITALIST immigration, & that's where some Lefties go wrong

Ecological #travel & fair #trade are good; economic/CAPITALIST #immigration & imperialism are bad

I believe in the English nation & the #UN, with #ecotourism & #fairtrade between those nations

#marr #bbcsp Why does @jeremycorbyn question capitalism but not economic/CAPITALIST immigration? His Mexican spouse?

#EUreferendum #Brexit Apart from some local government, all anyone in our world needs is their own nation & the #UN

Via the #UnitedNations/#UN, #Ecotourism & #fairtrade should be encouraged; economic #Immigration should be illegal

In a good nation, in a good #UnitedNations, there would be no need for competing private #charities

#BarcelonaTerrorAttack Why not be a bit afraid & #repatriate people to where they belong? My #poem on "Repatriating"

Promoting #diversity for diversity's sake can often mean that the best person is not chosen - native fightback

I love our world/our #UnitedNations/#UN being #multicultural and, thus, practice my own good #English #culture

RIP #pckeithpalmer; officers should at least have a baton to hit the wrist of a knife-holder

#LondonAttacks Sadiq Khan should lead by example & REPATRIATE to where he belongs; my #poem on "Repatriating": 

Re #LondonAttacks & #ManchesterAttack, #diversity is our weakness: stop immigration, start repatriation

#LondonAttacks & #ManchesterAttack The problem is #diversity - it's our world/our #UN that should be multicultural

#LondonAttacks #ManchesterAttack Maybe there are more Muslims who would not kill but would spit in your curry, e.g?

Re #LondonAttacks & #ManchesterAttack, law of averages - the more Muslims allowed in, the greater the risk of terror

#LondonAttacks & #ManchesterAttack The main cause of #terrorism is #immigration & the main solution is #repatriation

#ParsonsGreenattack Aung San Suu Kyi is a good person: she wants Muslims moved to Muslim nations (PEACEFULLY PLEASE)

I like people who are VERY - very English, very Welsh, very Scottish, very Irish, very Thai, very Kenyan, very Maori

#Marr Re #ManchesterAttack, #Didsbury (my first home) Mosque was Albert Park Methodist Church - that's the problem

#ManchesterAttack The solution is, as Gandhi & I did, #repatriation. How many English live in Pakistan or Libya now?

#JusticeForGrenfell It's not just sewage, transport, health, housing, #London IS suffering immigration "Congestion":

#JusticeForGrenfell To Sadiq Khan blaming everyone but the Mayor of #London for #LondonFire - repatriate

My Weekly #WalkaboutsVerse (WAV), E.G., is, re the new Labour Party Leader, my #poem "Global Regulationism":

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Re #TravelTuesday, my #travel #poetry collection WalkaboutsVerse

Club #football, in England & beyond, should be regulated back to how it was: mostly LOCALS in MEANINGFUL competition

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