Hi - welcome aboard!

I’m David Franks, an amateur English folk and Christian musician plus poet and photographer; and my web-nickname, WalkaboutsVerse (or WAV), is an abbreviation of my life’s work (originally a paperback) Walkabouts: Travels and Conclusions in Verse – which, along with info on a related C.D., Chants from Walkabouts, you may read, for free, in fully-linked blog-format here - (Click, atop right, on "Home," to find further links in a summary of my web presence.)

But here is THE BLURB from WALKABOUTS, and some other abridgment – “ABOUT THE POET AND THE POETRY:  David Franks was born and, after a long time away, lives in England. The four-part collection has travels and conclusions, in poems and songs, from his nomadic first-thirty-six years. The experience behind the verse includes shoestring-travel through about forty countries, A-grade junior sport, a B.A. in humanities, four technical certificates in manufacturing, plus several years on the shopfloor. The style is mostly direct; and the substance informative, humorous and didactic.”

Armed with poems, unaccompanied Chants and E. trads, I began participating in folk and poetry clubs, festivals, and forums during 2004, before beginning to teach myself keyboards and recorders a year later. I’ve since placed in folk-festival competitions, done a few mini-gigs, recited on radio, and some WalkaboutsVerse has also been published in journals, etc.

In broad summary, then, I travelled and studied in humanities, before writing the verses and finding a way to sing or chant some of them; I learnt (formally and informally) desktop publishing, P.C. recording, as well as other I.T.; and, lastly, I taught myself to read and play music, plus, eventually, to write it by mimicking my singing with the above instruments.

Other main interests are – as with many English folk – gardening and tennis (again, use links).