Monday, 7 January 2008

N.E. England Gig - 07.01.2008

Theory Slam - like Poetry Slams except folks present a theory – 7.00 P.M. Monday 07.01.2008 at Mayfield House, Temple Street, Newcastle.

(Work In Progress - this is a brief summary of my speech.)


Internationals should be between NATIONALS; and, if managers are not important to the COMPETITON, why foreign managers? Also, not that long ago, club-football, in England, e.g., was mostly-locals in MEANINGFUL competition; and, as I suggested in WalkaboutsVerse 98 of 230, should be regulated back to that way.

Furthermore, when I was a junior, females were not participating in football (many were, rather, involved in non-contact netball), and, having watched some Women's World Cup football, I tend, again, to agree with how it was..?